Bubble House

Posted: February 4, 2010 


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2 Comments on "Bubble House"

Linda Knowlton sais:

My Husband Mark Knowlton from Cayman Brac built what is now called the Bubble house on Cayman Brac back in the early 90s. The house was first called “The Nautilus Fourplex. It’s not 100% hurricane proof, but it is built to with-stand up too 300mph winds,

The Nautilus Fourplex’ project is an air-formed, ovoid, monolithic concrete dome with approx, extreme dimension of 46′x84′x32′h., excluding the covered entrance. As originally laid out, the two floor levels of the dome comprise about 5500 sq.ft of floor space. Originally designed as a “fourplex” condo, there was a bit of flexibility as to what now is a 2 story home with a small apartment on the bottom floor. #2. Property Description. The lot has a sea frontage of about 118′ and a depth of about 430′ with a public road intervening at about 230′ from the sea shore. The Avg. elevation at the dome site is about 15′ above sea level. Phone and power line run along the road bisecting the parcel. Water is provided by cistern storage of trucked in water which is readily available, and of a high quality, being provided by the Water Authority facility here on Cayman Brac. The total est. Building value at completion was in US dollars at 110/sq ft = 550.000 dollars. The Nautilus Fourplex’ is now worth 3 and 1/2 times it’s building value. It’s quite a looker on the inside, very beautifully decorated top and bottom floors.

Take care:

bayan sais:

great design.. and the original name is more beuatiful and inspiring than bubble house !